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Selection and green hotel trend: the millennial generation health services

Date: 2019-03-25

AHLA accommodation surveys conducted with STR, STR is responsible for the collection of hotel industry analysis data, the study evaluated the development and industry trend in order to understand the hotel upgrade guest experience.

Results show that the millennial generation guests mode of operation has a great influence on the hotel business.Millennials residents pay more attention to social, hotel realized it and began to create functional Shared space.More than 10% of luxury in the high-end hotel opening has Shared space of public area.

Millennials guest or a group focus on health, and enjoy convenience, this has affected the hotel food and beverage choices.Have instead of sat down to eat a meal at any time, take food service and the proportion of choice of hotel has rose from 21% in 2016 to 31% in 2018.In addition, the price is higher hotel is more likely to provide a healthy diet and vegetarian options.

Study shows that "green service" is another trend in the hospitality industry.By 2018, 25% of the American hotel won the green certification, the gold standard for the sustainable development of the hotel, and in 2016 only 16% of the hotel to get the certification.

Family daily paper towels and recycling plan has chain hotel in 94% to 99% and 83% of independent hotels in popularization, and about two-thirds of the hotel chain in some sort of water saving plan.

The study found that more and more hotels are improved their mobile phone App business, in 2016, only 35% of the hotel provides guests can be used to make a reservation for the hotel service App, but this data has been increased to 40% by 2018.

A lot of hotel industry has changed the way guest room reservation, booking by phone equipment, 17% of the 2018 hotel provides this functionality, but was only 6% in 2016.With these changes, 80% of high-end hotels in the open mobile check-in function is not surprising.

President and CEO of AHLA Chip Rogers said: "the STR the development trend of recent survey proved that the hotel and hotel industry is developing towards the direction of the innovation.We will continue to meet consumer demand for the diversification of the dynamic focus, focus on improving the service and customer experience, and the development of the hotel and increase the number of employees."

By understanding the development trend of the hotel, travel agency's booking can be more accurate to meet the needs of the consumers.For example, if we know the hotel for the millennials residents to reshape their social and dining-room space, travel agency can sensitively realized as millennials customers booking travel to determine their hotel reservation have Shared space and selection for restaurant.

Travel agents can also be friendly to customers in ecological education in the hotel.If your client has never considered "green" hotel, you will be able to provide them with this choice and explain to the environment is good and the tourism experience.

Finally, make sure your visitors know cell phone use technical way to improve the hotel experience.They may know that you can use mobile phone check in hotel or through mobile phone App booking hotel spa services, through the selection of technology to further explain to guest hotel service, travel agency can provide consumers with an unforgettable experience.