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Media in the United States: high-tech new selling points into China hotel

Date: 2018-07-20

In China, hotel guests may need not to worry about don't understand the air conditioning remote control or queuing check-in for a long time.Two international hotel group has just announced that they have on the way to the hotel facilities around the country some high-tech upgrade activity.

First of all, intercontinental hotels group has launched with baidu in China with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) the wisdom of the guest room.On two hotels in Beijing and guangzhou after upgrading, the group will be in China this year around launch 100 AI wisdom suites hotel.The group said, these high-tech rooms will be fully through voice control equipment rooms, to achieve a more natural human-computer interaction.The group hopes the rooms will be to "millennials" guests attractive.Marriott international, meanwhile, will be in the hotel is located in hangzhou and sanya pioneered "brush face" check-in service."We know through testing to leisure and business guests response to this new check-in procedures.In the future will also launch without wallet can quickly check out of service.Chinese consumers generally accepted this can make life more efficient technology solutions, the rapid growth of the mobile payment confirms this point."If Asia Pacific chief marketing officer fang guo-yu marriott international, inc., said.

In China, not only the two international hotel group to introduce the AI technology and equipment.Many medium-sized hotels have also started to layout room business wisdom: visitors can reservation through its WeChat program, through the facial recognition technology, using the given password or in its mobile App lock into the room, and eventually after check in by pressing a button to check out the App.In a hotel, a robot will guide the guests entered the room."Most of the guests demand can be solved through 24 hours online customer service.When the guests have special requirements, such as when they feel the body is not timely, they can also be required to provide human help.The hotel manager said.