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The Victory International Hotel (Zhongkai Guoji Jiudian) is a 5-star business hotel opposite Dongyu Square,  only 3 km (1.8 mi) from the Dongguan Railway Station
This Dongguan business hotel offers standards amenities in each of their rooms. In terms of dining,  guests may enjoy Continental,  American and Italian foods at Vesta Western Restauran.Our hotel keeps the purpose of offer the best service.[View Detail]        

住客评论 126条评论     4.0分/5分 更多
  • acaicai
    Nice hotel, service is good, the transportation is convenient, look forward to the next more different experiences.
  • pian9877
    Hotels in general are not up to 5 star, host team, the site provides a little expensive.
  • wgs302
    The different orders, but is staying at the hotel at the same time. the overall feel, but there are still many areas for improvement, such as non-smoking floors, breakfast or not authentic the Oatmeal cereal-rooms and sound insulation between rooms, seriously doubt whether domestic Hotel at the time of design and construction taking into account the effect of noise-
  • e00069308
    Town Centre, room small, bathroom floor clean is OK the hotel is good, breakfast is OK, mostly from the company, but also a town of good hotels. next business trip stay
  • sunlinwy
    Very comfortable place
  • sj751126
    Hotel location + points not convenient, front desk reception also can, but ointment is I in at 6 o'clock handle staying procedures, provides has identity card and the credit card. procedures completed Hou only back credit card, haste makes waste not recovered identity card (home card), I Yu second days morning 9 points check out Shi and completed check out signed credit card of procedures. I busy has last night legacy has identity card in front desk on left, to has often flat railway station buy tickets only found identity card legacy in front desk. immediately notification friends to front desk takeBack. I played very much the hotel service hangs, guest registration and identity card busy remembering back, should know at the front desk, why not inform the guest of the day and returned to the guests? and checkout the next day should be immediately returned, found after the guests leave, return to the hotel to retrieve ... waste of money and time. Hotel reviews. Room, room size is very large, is to have a lot of musty, must be improved, it's hard to imagine 5 stars hotel... Other.
  • ddfgfg
    It wasn't too bad
  • bear421
    Well, two times
  • leecarey
    We praise
  • ylx13
    Cheap, great value
  • e01382770
    Well, for prices too value. marry just four o'clock in the morning met team make the rooms couldn't sleep
  • e01668560
    Very good, restaurant was good
  • ssjenny
    My favorite hotels
  • ariel_wong
    Have been set here, value for money!
  • a611015
    High performance-price ratio
  • e01265754
    In the neighborhood on business is the best choice.
  • leslievsconan
    For foreign customers, well, in that very good hotel
  • cwy_nb
    Well ... next time you have the opportunity to go to this.
  • daxia825922
    Breakfast, is re-created center around, no steps
  • ananwy
    Very good
  • wangdm521
    All right
  • duduseeu
    Hotel is good, breakfast is OK, mostly from the company, but also a town of good hotels. next business trip stay
  • dafumama
    Services such as software to improve
  • rebelmouse
    Has never lived such a bad hotel. Position, in General, the re-created you can not find the second star. Facilities are second-hand furniture, no one wanted to, such as the sofa in the room, and skin are lost. Health, for one night, I found 2 cockroaches crawling around. Most dissatisfied with services. booked 2 double rooms, 1 room asked for double bed, such a simple thing, front desk let us 1201 results room card can't rememberActing, cannot door. zhihou in 12 layer call to front desk let waiter door, actually let we for to 1116, said 1201 of guest continued live has. go fire stairs Xia to 11 floor to to 1116 door only found, 1116 of toilet bad has, maintenance master is maintenance. then asked front desk, actually let we in 1116,. is cannot waiting for, to to front desk, again help we Lane has room card, asked front desk what is 1116 also is 1201, QianTaiwan said to 1116, but 1116 is big bed room, and toilet has bad has. then and again let we to 1201! results how are cannot open door, again called waiter, said 1201 of door lock somewhat bad has, need forced down pressure, then to a angle again forced push to push have door! days Ah, was is let people no language, helpless! so service, how can considered five-star? even hostels are than. has problem is constantly shuffle.
  • dingyi302
    Outdated facilities, services, and does not match the appearance on the big disappointment
  • Daina
    Twice a night was somehow knocked the door, TV all night noise next door could almost, hotel staff did not know the rooms chosen gefang arranged?
  • angelni
    Live for the first time, can also feel. breakfast in General.
  • e02029548
  • RainBi
    This is teasing me? 400 needn't wash quilt cover as well as a hotel?
  • r_jie
    Why two twin beds merger, bathroom appliances, old
  • linaisme
    Overall average, more noise, and too few elevators, service good.
  • forrestli2000
    Service good, level 5 points in Hong Kong at its best, is nowhere near a walk
  • C1100641075
    Very good is the buffet at the hotel level
  • e00149708
  • Amy890518
    this hotel very clean very good and breakfast so many food
  • FoxTerry
    Hotel overall is fine, breakfast can also be about the price ... but the waiter service was too low, invoice checking out in the morning, the waiter tell only a receipt, to the invoice only after negotiations, and instantly feel into 30 small roadside hotel.
  • swiftsun
    It's not bad
  • ambrose1979
  • doctorling
    Next time will come again.
  • Diamondant
    To help foreign colleagues, he was satisfied.
  • Bunny125
    Town Centre, room small, bathroom floor to clean a little more better
  • e00158694
    Also, comfort!
  • mafalda121
    Live for the first time, the room was large, comfortable, location close to the town centre, good. Not enough; see comments before breakfast and experience was really easy, but there is enough to eat. Seems to leak under the toilet shower room, flushed the cold found a large pool of water on the ground, first day thought it was leaking from the door. specifically note the next day, the result is still the same. not non-slip tiles on the ground, accidentally is apt to slip.
  • lwj1103
    Rain, train station, I want to play in the past, increases 100[[%]] waiting for half an hour to get to ... which is not very convenient. After you arrive at the hotel, the hotel can arrange a car to go elsewhere, but high fees.
  • benbenwing
  • gxnnsly
    Service is good
  • bluemoon
    Which is very nice!
  • junewoniiu
    Is near from the suppliers, the hotel's restaurant can basically meet the needs I have at home!
  • graam
    Environment is good, price is a little expensive.
  • e02440898
    Facilities and sanitation all OK, next is also considered.